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Ophir Tal, Ph.D.

  • Senior Patent Attorney/Agent
  • Tel Aviv
Dr. Tal drafts and prosecutes patent applications in a wide range of technical fields. In addition, Dr. Tal is active in the fields of battery technologies, various fields of agriculture, medical devices, semiconductor metrology, electro-optics, 3D printing, coatings and surface processes, bioinformatics, and other cleantech and energy-related technologies.


“Patenting an invention is worthwhile if it is aimed at core technologies or central applications, and if it serves the company’s business strategy as a whole. If it is, a patent in the U.S. should be secured, quickly.”

Dr. Ophir Tal is a Senior Patent Attorney at Pearl Cohen’s Tel Aviv office. He drafts and prosecutes patent applications in a wide range of technical fields. Ophir is active in the fields of energy production and storage technologies, semiconductor metrology and electro-optics, medical devices and virtual reality systems, crop development, water treatment,  coatings and surface processes, and 3D printing.

Ophir has 15 years of experience, focused on drafting and prosecuting patent applications, drafting ca. 700 applications over this period, most of which resulting in granted patents. He sees the drafting process as providing an opportunity to take a broad view of the invention in light of the company’s innovation strategy, accompanied by portfolio management in relation to business considerations.

Ophir holds a Ph.D. and a Diploma in Biology from Leipzig University and a B.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics from Tel Aviv University; was a postdoc researcher at the Faculty of Agriculture at the Hebrew University; and was a lecturer on medical technology, biotechnology and energy-related technologies at the Afeka College of Engineering, and a researcher in biomimicry, biogeochemistry, ecology and operations research.