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Israel Patent Office

Our Israel Patent Office team helps clients through the IPO process, and with an abundance of professionals holding PhDs on our Patents team.


Recognized as the Start-Up Nation, Israel is one of the most innovative markets in the world and continues to develop groundbreaking ideas and break through barriers. Therefore, ensuring that intellectual property is secured with the Israel Patent Office (IPO) is a critical function for all companies doing business in Israel or with potential Israeli competitors.

Significantly, filing and prosecuting patents, oppositions, and patent term extensions, often function differently at the IPO in comparison with the systems to which foreign companies are accustomed. Pearl Cohen’s Israel Patent Office team can seamlessly guide clients through the intricate IPO system, explaining how the processes and procedures are different from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the European Patent Office (EPO), or the UK Intellectual Property Office (UK IPO). This exceptional capability is due to Pearl Cohen’s unique position having practitioners versed in both local and foreign patent practice. In fact, Pearl Cohen offers multiple patent attorneys and attorneys-at law with dual admissions in Israel and foreign jurisdictions (i.e. US, EP, and UK). Additionally, many of Pearl Cohen’s practitioners have in-house experience, and a keen understanding of the needs of multinational companies.

Technically, Pearl Cohen is second to none, and more than half of our 60-strong patent attorneys, agents and scientific advisers bring PhD degrees from the world’s most respected academic institutions, as well as practical, hands-on industrial experience. We also have a skilled team of attorneys-at law with technical scientific backgrounds that handle complex contentious litigation before the IPO.

Our Israel Patent Office team acts for domestic and international clients in:

  • Filing and prosecuting patent applications (including filing expedited applications using the Patent Prosecution Highway)
  • analyzing prior art, patents, and patent applications, for both prosecution, defensive and offensive purposes
  • monitoring patent applications, filing third party observations, petitioning for cancelling allowance
  • obtaining Patent Term Extensions and advising on the interaction between regulatory requirements and Patent Law
  • advising on licensing, collaborations with local companies, Israel Innovation Authority IP issues and new business ventures
  • providing legal opinions regarding patentability, infringement, freedom to operate, due diligence, enforceability of patents and competitive analysis
  • advising and litigating pre-grant oppositions (Israel is a pre-grant opposition country), and petitions to revoke patents