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Patent Litigation

Our patent litigators are experienced in successfully resolving disputes relating to eligibility for patent protection, validity, infringement, and licensing.


Longstanding success in today’s competitive markets demands fierce protection of and against intellectual property rights. When it comes to safeguarding businesses from patent infringement and enforcing one’s patents, there is no substitute for specific patent litigation experience.

Pearl Cohen’s premier IP litigators seamlessly bring together an unrivalled understanding of IP, deep familiarity with many complex technologies, and the ability to strategize a successful defense of businesses and patents.

We act for clients in disputes over eligibility of patents, validity, infringement, and related licensing issues. In addition to practical experience in the courtroom, clients also benefit from our successful track record in defending them in adversarial proceedings before the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and Israel Patent Office (IPO) and the European Patent Office (EPO).

With over 100 attorneys and patent attorneys operating as one integrated team from our United States, Israel and UK offices, we leverage our multi-office experience together with our skills as scientists and engineers to successfully defended patent owners and accused infringers – whether start-ups, established global companies and university transfer offices – to ensure that they can return without disruptions to do what they do best. Run their business.