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European Patent Office (EPO)

Our UK Patent Practice Group provides patent prosecution services to our Israelis and European clients in the UK, under the European Patent Convention.


Our UK Patent Group provides patent prosecution services under the European Patent Convention (EPC) which covers 38 contracting states in Europe, and in addition handles patent proceedings at the UK Intellectual Property Office (UK IPO).

The group includes a team of Chartered Patent Attorneys, European patent attorneys, and Solicitors specializing in European patent law.

The group members span between them the entire gamut of technical fields: Physics, Electrical Engineering, Software, Pharmaceutical, and Chemistry.

In addition to drafting and prosecuting patent applications in grant procedures before the European Patent Office (EPO), we handle post grant patent oppositions and third-party observations.
In the UK we also handle patent revocation actions and other contentious proceedings the UK IPO.

We further draft non-infringement and invalidity opinions focused on the European patent law framework.

The UK Patent Group works closely with the US and the Israeli Patent Groups providing early stage advice for clients who are interested is seeking patent protection in Europe.