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Digital and 3D Printing

Our teams effectively provide support to the robust 3D printing industry.


One of the most exciting new technologies of the digital age, 3D printing is growing rapidly and widely expected to transform many sectors. Also known as additive manufacturing (AM), there are many different types of 3D printing technology – such as material extrusion and stereolithography – already in existence, and, as such, 3D printing demands the niche experience of the highest quality.

Pearl Cohen’s cross-disciplinary team offers such expertise. We have developed vast experience in all relevant aspects of printing technologies, including handling software-based inventions, mechanical device and method-based inventions, as well as materials-based inventions.

As the use and popularity of 3D printing continues to grow, Pearl Cohen attorneys effectively anticipate the opportunities, concerns and barriers facing the sector. Drawing upon the vast and varied experience of our other practice groups, we strategically address the newest issues in the most sophisticated ways, from filing patent applications, to licensing intellectual property rights, to defending against claims of infringement. We are at the forefront of the cybersecurity and privacy issues our clients face. We anticipate the opportunities, concerns and barriers facing the sector and draw on our other departments to advise clients on all relevant IP, whether it be filing patents applications, licensing intellectual property rights, or defending against claims of infringement, as well as corporate, cybersecurity and privacy issues related to 3D printing.

With a presence on both US coasts and leading position in the Israeli market, we effectively provide support to start-ups and established companies, developers and manufacturers, in establishing a strong competitive presence and in building up a robust 3D printing sector.