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Defense and Aerospace

Our professionals work with a range of clients, civil and military, who develop innovative technologies in the Defense and Aerospace fields.


Our professionals work with a large range of clients – civil and military – who develop innovative technologies in the Defense and Aerospace fields.

Our cumulative experience spans more than 80 years, during which time we have represented some of the world’s leading defense and aerospace companies. Our professionals have vast industrial and field experience and an in-depth understanding of the needs and interests of leading automotive, defense and aerospace multi-national companies.

Our clients, which include Israeli, European and US companies, are involved in a wide range of production and development activities in numerous areas, including: composite armor plates, flight navigation and control systems, satellite communication systems, power distribution systems, surveillance and security systems, biometric identification systems, explosives and explosive detection systems, fuel systems, power and propulsion systems, engines and power production plants, and lethal and non-lethal weapons and ammunition.

Our experience includes obtaining, analyzing, licensing and defending our clients’ intellectual property rights and business interests, including all aspects of patent prosecution, IP and commercial litigation, and business transactions.