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Pearl Cohen's Agrotech team is continually attentive to its clients’ needs and provides excellent strategic guidance in a rapidly evolving dynamic field.


As a firm that has consistently offered guidance to groundbreaking start-ups as well as prominent investors and capital funds around the world – Pearl Cohen has accumulated valuable experience, knowledge and expertise in the field of agricultural technologies, representation and guidance of Agrotech companies and extensive knowledge of the agricultural industry in general. Over the past decade developments in the field of Agrotech have gained considerable momentum with our attorneys vigilant throughout. In such a dynamic reality, beyond our knowledge, expertise and experience, Pearl Cohen possesses unparalleled capabilities to swiftly and wholly discern trends in the industry and tailor prompt and effective solutions for our clients. Thanks to a deep understanding of the Agrotech field, advanced business and strategic thinking and global connections in the industry, Pearl Cohen’s legal team provide the necessary regulatory and business guidance, training and legal tools required by anyone engaged in said field.

Among other things, we counsel start-up companies in the field of agrotech as of their inception; We offer consulting services to investors, entrepreneurs and funds; Advise Agrotech companies in all matters pertaining to industry regulation; Assist our clients in realizing the enormous potential inherent in the field of Agrotech, which is expanding year by year at a considerable rate.

By virtue of our preeminence in the field of Agrotech and the vast experience gained over the years in the field of technology, equity market and intellectual property, our firm is home to leading Agrotech companies. Thus for example, our firm specializes in executing public offerings and mergers; Advises entrepreneurs in areas of investment, financing, capital market and securities; Offers guidance to Agrotech investors and companies in complex and complicated negotiation procedures; And protects Agrotech companies in the context of regulatory compliance, patents, trademarks and litigation proceedings.