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Your Global Partners in the Business of Innovation


As a seasoned Hi-Tech firm located at the heart of the "start-up nation" with branches spread around the world, Pearl Cohen provides its diverse clientele all they require for success.


The Hi-Tech industry has long been crowned as “the driver of the world’s economy”, and judging by current market trends, is expected to remain so for years to come. Pearl Cohen’s hi-tech attorneys are proud to be part of the vast majority of transactions in this field, including investment agreements, offerings, M&As, and other key processes experienced by the global hi-tech industry over the past few years.

Pearl Cohen’s specialization in Hi-Tech allows it to counsel a wide range of clients: from start-ups, through established hi-tech companies to angels and venture capital funds. Our firm’s hi-tech attorneys provide legal advice to all the above, based on extensive experience, proficiency in law and frequently changing regulations and innovative and ground-breaking business insight.

Whether it be accompanying entrepreneurs or founders of start-ups, legal and business guidance during product development and capital raising rounds, or representation by attorneys skilled in complex M&A negotiations – The involvement of a hi-tech attorney provides our client with peace of mind and security on its path to achieving its goals.

As a large firm specializing in representing clients in all areas of law, Pearl Cohen hi-tech clients enjoy our firm’s multidisciplinary approach from day one and receive advice in a wide range of areas: commercial law, intellectual property and patent law, labor law, taxation, securities and capital market, litigation and more.

Through patent editors specializing in Hi-Tech, extensive experience and expertise in registering patents and other skills, our firm’s Hi-Tech Practice Group ensures an almost impervious coverage of our clients’ intellectual property issues. Thus, for example, hi-tech attorneys in our firm maintain close and professional contact with our firm’s patent editors scattered around the world, who are deemed leading patent editors in their field in all matters pertaining to intellectual property in general and hi-tech patent registration in particular.