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Venture Capital and Private Equity

Our clients in the field of venture capital funds and private equity receive legal and business guidance that also brings about successful connections between investors, funds and companies.


In the ever-changing dynamic world which we inhabit, investors and entrepreneurs must be continually alert. As a firm that has amassed invaluable experience, connections and skill in the field of venture capital funds and private equity, and which is constantly at the cutting edge of the latest and most significant changes in the market – Pearl Cohen attorneys offer all the knowledge and expertise required by founders and investors in investment funds, as well as ventures seeking a connection to such equity funds.

Whether it be the establishment of a private investment fund (private equity) or any other capital fund, or the ongoing support of an existing investment fund on a business, legal and regulatory level – our firm’s attorneys dealing with venture capital funds and private equity are equipped with all the necessary resources to help investors in capital funds, angels, venture capitalists, private investment entities and investment fund managers realize their vision; and have often served as “chaperons” in instigating successful connections between investors, funds and clients seeking to raise capital.

Our firm’s attorneys have successfully and over many years supported the most senior investment and venture capital funds, contributing to the success of the highest ranking venture capital funds and providing their services to all types of investment funds and equity funds: from venture capital funds in the medical field, through high-tech venture capital investment funds and start-up investment funds, to cannabis investment funds, green energy investment funds, overseas real estate investment funds and even alternative investment funds.

Through the global presence of experts in the field of venture capital funds and private equity, in Tel Aviv, Boston, New York and London, among others, our firm’s attorneys guide the most prominent active venture capital funds in a wide range of matters and areas: Ranging from legal and practical advice for incorporating a fund and raising its capital, investment in portfolio companies and establishing successor funds; Through the design and support of financing transactions, treatment of intellectual property, trademarks and commercial law; To taxation, labor law, corporate establishment and legal litigation.