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Insolvency and Restructuring

Our team provides comprehensive legal advice in insolvency proceedings – suspension of proceedings, liquidations, foreclosures, creditors' settlements, and bankruptcies.


The Insolvency and Restructuring Practice Group at Pearl Cohen provides comprehensive legal advice in insolvency proceedings and helps many companies reach recovery, both outside and within the walls of the Court.

Whether it is about the suspension of proceedings, liquidation of companies, foreclosures, creditors’ arrangements, and recovery or bankruptcy – the attorneys in the insolvency and restructuring practice group of Pearl Cohen are skilled and experienced in providing legal and practical assistance to debtors and banks as well as other leading creditors, and specializes, inter alia, in providing services to banks in the areas of blockchain and crypto (virtual currencies).

The group’s attorneys serve as officials under the appointment of the Court and have extensive and rich experience in corporate recovery and insolvency proceedings for companies from various and diverse disciplines, some of which are of the largest in the economy. The group includes attorneys experienced in handling foreclosure cases, suspension of proceedings, liquidations, bankruptcies, as well as commercial and banking litigation.