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Omer Kelner

  • Partner, IL Commercial Litigation and IL Insolvency Practice Group
  • Tel Aviv


With over 15 years of experience, Omer Kelner specializes in commercial litigation and insolvency, as well as in providing practical legal advice to debtors and banks.

His work includes representation of clients in the fields of civil, commercial, and administrative law, banking, and insolvency; providing comprehensive legal advice in insolvency proceedings, and assisting many companies to reach recovery. He has been involved in the suspension of proceedings, liquidation of companies, foreclosures, creditors’ arrangements, recovery, bankruptcy, and anti-money laundering, serving before all levels of Israeli Courts, including the Israeli Supreme Court, tribunals, and arbitration.

Omer also serves as a trustee in corporate rehabilitation proceedings, as well as a receiver and a liquidator for many companies.

Omer’s clients range from mid-size companies to Fortune 500 companies. He represents global corporations, major banks as well as private companies, in a wide range of sectors and fields.