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Commercial Litigation

Our Commercial Litigation Group, with attorneys in Israel and the U.S., has significant depth of experience with corporate and business litigation, including real estate-related litigation.


The pace of innovation, the need to protect your business, and increased competition in such a globalized economy can potentially bring litigation to your door. Overcoming such challenges demands the most experienced counsel to help you avoid damage to your reputation, your business, and your bottom line.

With attorneys in Israel and the US, Pearl Cohen’s Commercial Litigation group regularly wins the confidence of business leaders facing their most serious business challenges. Our successful track record in resolving corporate, business and real estate litigation and our appearance in every type of tribunal – from local tax and planning appeal committees to the High Court of Justice – ensure our litigators are nimble enough to dispatch small matters swiftly and efficiently, and seasoned enough to handle larger and more complex litigations, in either country.

Our litigators in Israel and the US work closely with Pearl Cohen’s Corporate and Commercial groups on behalf of our clients, ranging from technology start-ups to large multinationals, on:

  • Securities litigation, including proxy disputes
  • Litigations over disclosures in public offerings
  • Corporate reorganizations and creditors’ rights
  • Contract, royalty and other commercial disputes
  • Disputes between shareholders
  • Disputes over control of different legal entities.
  • Dissolution of legal entities
  • High profile class actions
  • Disputes involving founders and investors in technology and other companies
  • Matrimonial law and high-profile divorces involving billions of dollars of assets worldwide

Real Estate Litigation

Our Commercial Litigation group also has extensive experience representing financial institutions, holding companies, and private clients in real estate-related matters. Clients benefit from our many years’ experience handling a wide variety of real estate matters, including:

  • Compensation claims for land expropriation
  • The submission of objections and claims with regard to harm to rights pursuant to the approval of urban plans under section 197 to the Israeli Planning and Building Law
  • Construction disputes and schedule delay claims
  • Requests for permanent or temporary injunctions (as well as their revocation)
  • Enforcement procedures
  • Requests for declarative relief

In the US, our Real Estate Litigation practice includes both general litigators and real estate specialists and is able to take full advantage of the expertise of both groups to achieve the best possible results for the client.

Restructuring, Insolvency and Rehabilitation

Working closely with our Corporate, Employment and Tax groups, our commercial litigators bring years of experience when advising on a wide range of restructuring, insolvency and rehabilitation matters from financial and corporate to real estate cases, both in voluntary and involuntary cases.

We consult distressed companies, their boards of directors and sponsors, advising lenders, investors, servicers, secondary debt investors, hedge funds and private equity houses, as well as financial advisers, turnaround specialists and insolvency practitioners. Litigators from our Israel group have been nominated as temporary and permanent officers of the court (liquidators, receivers, trustees) and have advised on various matters, including:

  • Reorganization of distressed businesses and companies’ capital
  • Creditors arrangements
  • Collection framework
  • Loan and debt restructuring proceedings
  • Forced asset sales
  • Bankruptcy litigation, liquidation and receivership proceedings