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Class Action Suits

Our team provides our clients with smart, top quality legal consultancy in all stages of the class action.


In Israel, where the number of motions for certification of class actions continues to break records year after year, companies and businesses must protect themselves from class action suits. In our current reality, requests for class action authorizations are also lodged even when no cause exists. Nonetheless, these suits gain media attention and must appear in traded companies’ reports. This makes the need for oversight by lawyers specializing in litigation and conflict resolution, with expertise in representing defendants in class action suits, vital. 

Whether the suit being lodged relates to consumerism and retail, securities, technology, and the internet, consumer products and food, or any other field, our law firm’s attorneys draw on their vast experience to offer professional guidance, either for specific issues or on an ongoing basis, across all stages of the lawsuit. We provide legal consultancy intended to reduce the feasibility of a class action suit being lodged against an organization in areas related to the business and handle letters of caution received in advance of a class action towards neutralizing submission of the request to authorize a class action suit. We also provide smart, ongoing, and uncompromising counsel to respondents and defendants in proceedings seeking approval of class actions, and during the class action itself.

Pearl Cohen team has accrued matchless years of experience in class action representation in general, and in putting protective measures against them in place, in particular. Our activities have resulted in important judgments and judicial decisions being signed in large scale, complex cases. Our law firm represents respondents and defendants in all legal courts in Israel, including the Supreme Court. We hold extensive experience in representing our clients in processes of mediation and excel in claimant negotiation management vis-à-vis settlement dismissals and compromises.