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Pearl Cohen's extensive global deployment, enable our clients in the field of FoodTech to receive quality and uncompromising legal and business support.


In recent years, the food technology industry, FoodTech, has become one of the leading fields in the global food and high-tech industry, rolling in billions of dollars a year. 

As those who have been at the heart of the world high-tech industry for many years, our firm has also led clients from the FoodTech field with great success, even when this field was in its infancy.

The significant experience we have gained in representing start-up companies, venture capital funds, angels, and other established players from the industry; alongside the prominence of our commercial and intellectual property practice, and of course the global deployment of teams in Tel Aviv, New York, London and more – allow us to provide our diverse customers in the field of FoodTech with uncompromising professional guidance and support, and valuable expertise.

From advising start-ups in their establishment and capital raising stages, through a complete response to the needs of established companies, including assistance and advice in selecting investors and strategic partners, intellectual property, regulatory compliance, and financial statements, to mentoring funds and investors in all areas – our podcast group offers a holistic accompaniment and enables them to thrive and achieve their short- and long-term goals.

As part of this, a variety of FoodTech companies use our service and are represented by our office, inter alia, to fulfill the vision of the FoodTech industry in respect of preserving the planet and increasing the use of cultured meat.