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Energy and Natural Resources

Pearl Cohen's expertise, experience and knowledge regarding energy and natural resources, enable our clients in the field to develop and thrive in the 21st century.


When it comes to the field of energy and natural resources, we are at the beginning of an era that holds far-reaching possibilities. Development and utilization of many and varied energy infrastructures, increasing the utilization of natural energy sources, and developing new channels of renewable energy – are just some of the expected changes in the field over the coming decades where the trend of concern and conservation of the Earth should also strengthen.

As a firm that has taken root in the fields of infrastructure and energy and is at the forefront of operations in the fields of finance, high tech and the capital market, our firm reaches the energy revolution that is at our doorstep with a fine and precise mix of expertise and extensive experience gained over the last decades.

Whether it is funding for solar or wind turbine projects, projects in the field of natural energy and green energy, construction of projects based on renewable energy sources, continued development of the natural gas sector or any other project related to energy production in the 21st century – the team of partners and lawyers at Pearl Cohen is endowed with all the required legal and business capabilities.

Thus, over the past few years our firm has represented a number of large, medium, and small infrastructure and energy companies, which have successfully completed multiple projects worth hundreds of millions and billions of shekels and dollars. Among other things, our firm has gained experience and expertise in representing energy and natural resources companies and their investors in the capital market, has provided ongoing legal advice to companies in the field of natural gas and solar energy, and more.