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Ilan Gerzi

  • Partner
  • Tel Aviv
Ilan has extensive experience representing both Israeli and foreign public companies listed for trade in Israel.


Ilan Gerzi is a Senior Partner and Chair of the Capital Markets and Securities Group at Pearl Cohen’s Tel Aviv Office. Ilan began his legal career in 1995 and joined the firm in April 2004 and became a partner in 2007. Adv Gerzi has over twenty years’ experience as a commercial lawyer, and he specializes in securities and corporate law, complex mergers and acquisition transactions of publicly traded companies, takeovers and reverse takeovers, corporate finance, shell companies’ transactions and bond settlements. In addition, Adv. Gerzi has experience in establishing venture capital funds and investment funds of various types. Over the years Adv. Gerzi has gained extensive experience in representing Israeli and foreign clients and listing them for trading in Israel and on other exchanges around the world such as NYSE, NASDAQ, ASX, TSX and the like more. Ilan is among the pioneers in Israel in the field of dual listing companies for trade in Israel, and the first to issue medical cannabis companies for trade on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Adv. Gerzi represents over 25 public companies in a wide variety of fields, including High-tech, Innovation, Real Estate and Construction, Bio-med, and Industries. Adv. Gerzi specializes in representing clients in complex acquisitions, corporate control of listed companies, transactions of shell companies and bond settlements under court supervision.

Adv. Ilan Gerzi is ranked in top ranking in Israel, including Legal 500.

In recent years he has been involved in a series of significant transactions, as follows:

  1. During 2019, Adv. Gerzi represented the parties to the merger transaction of Panaxia and Herodium, a transaction evaluated of over USD 212 million in the field of medical cannabis. In light of the publications over the transaction the value of Herodium shares increased by 700%, and in total Panaxia raised over NIS 40 million in 2019.0 For further details and publications on the transaction, see [1] [2].
  2. In February 2019 Gerzi represented Together Pharma in the first public offerings (IPO) on a medical cannabis company in Israel, in which the Company raised NIS 26 million. It was the first-time institutional investors took part in an offering of a medical cannabis company.
  3. In March 2019 Adv Gerzi represented Intellicanna in a two-stage transaction to acquire control of the public company and merge the activity into it, under section 350 of the Companies La. In light of the complicated structure of the transaction, Adv. Gerzi was required to represent the company in both legal proceedings in court, on the securities exchange, and with the ISA. For further details and publications on the transactions, see here.
  4. In November 2019, Adv. Gerzi represented MediPower in the issuance of a new series of convertible bonds, in an offering evaluated at NIS 80 million. For further details and publications on the transactions.
  5. Gerzi represented, inter alia, companies such as OPKO, BioTime, BeyondWax, which is traded on the NASDAQ, in their listing for trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.
  6. Other notable achievements: the issuance of AppsVillage on the ASX, the inverse takeover of Kaman, and the merger of Knumed with Protolagics.

Hereunder are some recent articles in connection with Ilan Gerzi and the Capital Markets Group:

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A 2020 Legal 500 Recommended Lawyer.
"Ilan Gerzi has particular expertise in dual listings of public companies, and in acting for medical cannabis companies on IPOs on the Tase."
Another key figure in the team is Ilan Gerzi, who advised Together Start Up Network on a high-value merger transaction in the medical cannabis sector.
Department head Ilan Gerzi acted for BiondVax Pharmaceuticals in relation to a shelf prospectus offering on Nasdaq; Gerzi also assisted the client with the delisting of the company's shares from the TASE, making Nasdaq its primary securities market. Other key clients include Medipower (Overseas), Together Start Up Network and Kadimastem.