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Maria (Masha) Berkovits

  • Partner, IL Capital Markets and Securities Practice Group
  • Tel Aviv


Masha specializes in corporate and securities law, mergers and acquisitions of listed companies, takeovers and reverse takeovers, corporate finance, shell companies’ transaction and bond settlements.

She provided ongoing legal counsel to listed Israeli and foreign companies in all aspects of raising capital in Israel through public offerings, private bids, and debt raising.

Adv. Berkovits is also a member of the Russian Bar Association and leads complex international transactions.

Masha advises and accompanies private companies in IPOs, Capital raising in the secondary market, and has a thorough experience in public companies mergers, control, and takeover transactions, as well as financing transactions, including capital and debt raising.

Masha advises and gives ongoing legal counsel to a large number of public companies in a variety of fields, such as biomed, pharma, high-tech, innovation, real estate, manufacturing, and more. Masha’s clients receive comprehensive commercial legal advice on corporate governance, reporting obligations and internal controls.

  1. During 2019, Adv. Gerzi represented the parties to the merger transaction of Panaxia and Herodium, a transaction evaluated of over USD 212 million in the field of medical cannabis. In light of the publications over the transaction the value of Herodium shares increased by 700%, and in total Panaxia raised over NIS 40 million in 2019.0 For further details and publications on the transaction, see [1] [2].
  2. In February 2019 Gerzi represented Together Pharma in the first public offerings (IPO) on a medical cannabis company in Israel, in which the Company raised NIS 26 million. It was the first-time institutional investors took part in an offering of a medical cannabis company.
  3. In March 2019 Adv Gerzi represented Intellicanna in a two-stage transaction to acquire control of the public company and merge the activity into it, under section 350 of the Companies La. In light of the complicated structure of the transaction, Adv. Gerzi was required to represent the company in both legal proceedings in court, on the securities exchange, and with the ISA. For further details and publications on the transactions, see[1] .
  4. In March 2019, Adv. Berkovits represented Oren Investments in a transaction to sell all of the Company’s shares in the “Loganu Yehud” project, in a complicated transaction involving several legal fields, including commercial law, securities, property law and real estate.