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Fintech, Insurance


Fintech has experienced a boom in recent years, with the rise in consumer-facing fintech start-ups a global phenomenon. According to CB Insights, since the beginning of 2010, more than USD 24 billion has been invested in fintech start-ups worldwide. Expansion and scaling can be a hurdle for start-ups in any sector, but for fintech start-ups, it can be a monumental challenge.

Pearl Cohen’s Fintech and Insurance group helps clients meet these challenges head-on. We operate seamlessly across our offices in Israel, US and the United Kingdom, very much at the heart of this cutting-edge industry. Our clients span a range of fields in this broad sector, including crowdfunding platforms, blockchain and cryptocurrency, mobile payment apps, insurance and much more.

These clients are reassured by our deep familiarity with the daunting regulatory barriers and our ability to help them navigate regulations, such as GDPR, which bring yet more responsibilities. We also advise on the risks of potential cyberattacks and data breaches on fintech start-ups, setting out and implementing best practice to avoid them. From protecting the intellectual property to securing investment, our comprehensive offering also includes providing innovative advice on the specialist insurance cover for fintech businesses, ensuring they avoid claims that have repercussions for their finances and reputation.

This wide-reaching expertise, combined with our understanding of the technological, commercial and regulatory challenges, make us a prime destination for fintech businesses as they increasingly compete with traditional financial services companies.