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Corporate Governance

Our unswerving commitment to creating the most effective corporate governance strategy is tailored to each and every client.


Increasing regulation and disclosure requirements around the world mean a higher degree of responsibility for management which brings with it additional pressure to every strategic decision. As the scrutiny of board members intensifies, the need for a proactive strategy and effective interaction with regulators becomes paramount.

Pearl Cohen’s corporate governance team grasp clients’ issues quickly and set out a clear course of action to chairmen, boards of directors and in-house counsel of public and private companies concerning corporate governance procedures, managing risk, complying with legal requirements and communicating with their shareholders.

We provide an extensive range of services, including: 

  • Corporate social responsibility, including compliance and ethics programs
  • Auditors’ independence
  • Board structure and building a strong, qualified board of directors
  • Responsibilities of non-executive directors and regulations regarding directors’ remuneration
  • Internal investigations
  • Crisis management 
  • Cybersecurity policies, preparedness and breach response plans
  • Securities enforcement and litigation

Our unswerving commitment to creating the most effective corporate governance strategy, tailored to each and every client, reassures shareholders, positively impacts their performance, and advances the long-term viability of each business we represent.