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“I strive to be the eyes and ears” of my clients in the Israeli market and make sure that their products’ goodwill is not been gravely used.”

Adv. Omri Ben-Natan, head of the enforcement department, has robust experience in administering the intellectual property rights for a wide range of international and Israeli companies, from all industries. Omri’s added value comes from his vast experience gained in fieldwork experience and legal practice acquired in conducting civil proceedings against counterfeiters.

Omri represents well-known fashion brands, electronic companies, automobile companies and more, in the effort to prevent the distribution of counterfeit products. Omri is responsible for activities designated for discovering businesses and individuals selling counterfeit products, as well as actions to prevent the distribution and importation of counterfeits, done in cooperation with the state authorities (the Israeli police and customs authorities).

In order to complete this “enforcement umbrella” for his clients, Omri deals, within the litigation department, in conducting civil proceedings against distributors and sellers before the Israeli courts.

This experience allows the customization of each client with a work plan, adequate for their needs, implemented in the most effective way whilst considering the special challenges involved in conducting enforcement activities in Israel.

Before joining Pearl Cohen, Omri has worked, for more than a decade, in the enforcement department of the Reinhold Cohn Group.