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Media, Sports and Entertainment

Our team has accumulated vast experience in representing sports clubs, coaches, athletes, acting agencies, actors and many others.


As professional sports clubs, athletes or entertainers build a strategic plan for their success, it is critical to work with positive, forward-thinking counsel that understands the challenges of these sectors and can help realize their potential.

Pearl Cohen’s Media, Sports, and Entertainment team has accumulated vast experience in representing sports clubs, coaches, athletes, acting agencies, actors, and many others, whether professional or amateur, as they look to build long-lasting success. Our attorneys have expertise in the roles, duties, and obligations of sports clubs, athletes, artists, producers, investors, distributors, directors, actors, writers, studio executives, and other creative talents. Our attorneys also have extensive experience in counseling, copyright licensing, and enforcement of promotion agreements in each sector, as well as a keen awareness of the limits of copyright protection and fair use for creative works of authorship.

Our comprehensive offering includes the negotiation of sponsorship and licensing agreements, employment contracts, stadium leases, intellectual property issues, as well as a raft of global regulations and rules affecting the sports and entertainment fields. One notable example typifying our strength in this area is our representation of one of the preeminent professional basketball teams, Maccabi Tel Aviv, in negotiating various agreements with the team’s players and coaches, the multi-year contract to use the Menora Mivtahim Arena stadium, corporate governance and compliance with International Basketball Federation (FIBA) and Euroleague rules and bylaws.

We mirror our clients’ dedication to professionalism, tapping into our multidisciplinary resources to provide them with the most thorough, creative and tailored service, a key factor why our clients meet and exceed their own highest standards.