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Life Sciences

Our clients in the field of biotechnology receive astute and comprehensive guidance that meets all their legal and business needs.


Whether it be companies in the field of medical devices, materials engineering or dedicated pharmaceutical compositions – our firm serves as a hub combining high expertise and extensive experience required by biotechnology companies for their expansion: from patent protection of biotechnological applications and drugs, through legal assistance in the process of submitting a drug application to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), together with ongoing legal counsel by leading attorneys in the field.

Over the past years our attorneys have represented leading biotech companies in the field of intellectual property; Have guided biotechnology companies during significant actions in areas of medical, business, regulatory and corporate technology; And gained extensive experience in submitting applications to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in areas of materials engineering and many other biotech fields.

The firm’s clientele includes the most prominent biotech companies around the world, who are credited with technological and innovative developments registered under a wide range of topics: medical equipment, medicines, dietary supplements, and more. Further to first-rate legal facilities provided by Pearl Cohen’s attorneys to our clients in the field of biotechnology, our firm has often directed successful and prosperous cooperation between investors and start-ups, as well as between large biotech international corporations and small and medium-sized companies in their infancy.

Thanks to a quality team of attorneys, our firm also provides our biotechnology clients with all the legal services they require, including in the field of commercial and corporate law, taxation, labor law, representation in litigation proceedings, and more.