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Brand Protection and Counterfeiting

Our team is here assist you by searching, clearing, and registering your marks worldwide, enforcing and defending your trademark rights, avoiding potential trademark hijacking and more.


In an increasingly digital and globalized age, increasing your business value by protecting your brands and building a solid trademark portfolio is vital. 

Besides clearing your brands for use and registration, your main concern today is trademark hijackers who register your brands and hold them hostage for large sums, while preventing you, the true brand owner from using your own brand in foreign jurisdictions, especially China. A parallel concern is the explosion of trademark counterfeiters using your brands on goods over which you have no quality control and whose quality you cannot verify, potentially leading to substantial reputational damage. Your trademark protection, enforcement, and management, and you’re guarding against copyrights, have never been more crucial, and the challenges that you are facing have never been more complex.

Pearl Cohen’s team is here to proactively assist you by searching, clearing, and registering your marks worldwide, enforcing and defending your trademark rights, and avoiding potential trademark hijacking and infringement. Our highly experienced trademark lawyers work with and assist clients to develop strategies that build a solid worldwide trademark foundation that achieves their business goals – safeguarding their brands around the world, understanding our client’s businesses and listening to our client’s business concerns and objectives, and recommending actions that maneuver the complex challenges brand owners face today. In addition, Pearl Cohen’s lawyers actively identify and prosecute trademark counterfeiters and those facilitating them, including online marketplaces.

Across our international offices, we provide clients with an integrated service delivered by professionals with a proven track record of success and a wealth of expertise across a broad and ever expanding range of businesses and industries, Our experience comprises the full gamut of services, including:

  • trademark prosecution before the USPTO, Israel Trademark Office (ITO), and worldwide through our network of trademark foreign associates
  • trademark and copyright use and registration clearance and availability analysis with strategy recommendations
  • trademark enforcement, policing, and defense against third-parties, including counterfeiters and those facilitating them
  • litigation support to our litigators, including administrative proceedings before the USPTO (TTAB proceedings) and ITO
  • Internet domain names registration and disputes including ICANN proceedings
  • trademark, copyright, and related IP due diligence, licensing, consents, and settlements
  • trade dress protection
  • protection against counterfeit goods and services
  • trademark and unfair competition issues including false and comparative advertising, trademark dilution, cybersquatting and counterfeiting
  • customs Seizures and Court proceedings of counterfeit goods