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Open Source

Pearl Cohen’s Open Source team has profound understanding of the legal exposures entailed in the use of free/open source software.


The use of Open Source Software (OSS) in companies of all sizes and maturity levels has grown exponentially during the last decade. However, there remain legal challenges that can hit businesses hard if not properly addresses. Businesses demand the most experienced legal counsel to understand and navigate through the complexities of OSS licenses.
Pearl Cohen’s Open Source team is well versed in the nuances of OSS licenses, bringing profound understanding of the legal exposures entailed in the use of free/open source software. We help our clients understand the scope and breadth of exposure and take mitigating steps to minimize or eliminate it, making prudent and safe use of free/open source software while protecting their own intellectual property.
Clients benefit from our team’s winning combination of hands-on experience, a practical approach and deep understanding of client technology at large, and computer code in particular.
Our comprehensive all-encompassing legal service in OSS includes:

• Legal guidance on compliant use of popular OSS, while maintaining the confidentiality of proprietary software code
• Legal advice on the integration of GPL & LGPL software with proprietary software code
• Drafting, establishing, and implementing corporate policies on the use, development, integration, and distribution of OSS
• Conducting Due Diligence review of OSS and its use
• Advising corporate OSS compliance boards on prudent use and integration of open source software
• Legal opinions regarding OSS
• Training sessions to software development teams on the do’s and don’ts of utilizing OSS
• Integration of corporate open source governance policies with automatic tools for OSS scanning
• Litigation: members of our Israel offices have represented the defendants in the first Israeli court case to deal with the integration of GPL and proprietary software code. (Marianovsky v. IChessU, in the District Court of Tel-Aviv)