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Tal Kaplan

  • Partner
  • Tel Aviv
Tal’s practice includes commercial litigation specifically in copyright infringement issues, domain names and Cybersquatting matters, copyright licensing, and other aspects of the law relating to computers, the Internet, and information technology.


Tal Kaplan is a Partner in the Internet, Cyber & Copyright Group at Pearl Cohen’s Tel Aviv office.

“I keep close and personal contact with my clients, listen to them and understand their needs, in order to provide them with a professional and quality response.”

Tal Kaplan specializes in the innovative issues of law relating to computers, the Internet and information technology, such as cyberlaw, privacy & data protection, spam, domain names, e-contracts, Intellectual Property and telecommunication.
Tal serves a wide range of clients in these areas of expertise, including multinational companies, some of the biggest corporations in Israel, start-ups and private entrepreneurs, copyright owners (both individuals and organizations), portals and content sites, e-commerce ventures, companies offering computer and Internet services, publisher, etc.
Before joining Pearl Cohen, Tal worked for several years as an intern and a lawyer at Ravia & Co, until its merger with Pearl Cohen at 2007.