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IoT and Telecom

We operate seamlessly in assisting IoT and Telecom companies to address and overcome legal challenges.


Fixed, cellular and wireless communication networks are an established part of modern infrastructure. Over the course of the last decade, the Internet of Things (IoT) has made the rapid transition from an ambitious concept to the reality of an increasingly hyper-connected world adding dimensions to existing telecom infrastructure and applications. The rapid advance in technology is allowing the end-user to be connected to an infinite number of devices.

Pearl Cohen’s IoT and Telecom team has built an international reputation for providing cutting-edge solutions to the needs of IoT and Telecom clients, whether start-ups or established players, delivering real value and tailored advice on issues spanning Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs), licensing of Standard Essential Patents (SEPs), data privacy and cyber, commercial and financial transactions, and regulatory issues.

Clients benefit from working with our patent and litigation groups, with over 100 attorneys and patent attorneys operating as one integrated team from our United States, Israel and UK offices. Commanding the respect of our clientele for protecting their business interest against patent holders and enforcing their IPRs against infringers, our team’s patent counseling and litigation expertise is further enhanced by support from a team of scientific advisers with advanced degrees from the world’s top academic institutions and an understanding of the commercial issues facing clients in these sectors.