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Your Global Partners in the Business of Innovation


We help copyright owners maximize the value of their assets by properly protecting their copyright interests every step of the way.


Businesses across all industries aim to protect and monetize their creative works. Whether that be software, databases, musical works, books, audiovisual or graphic works – these businesses expect the most experienced and informed legal counsel.

Operating across our offices in the US and Israel, Pearl Cohen’s Copyright team brings substantial copyright experience spanning multiple jurisdictions, serving a large spectrum of clients, from sole proprietors, entrepreneurs, start-ups and hi-tech companies, to copyright collectives, public sector organizations, and brick-and-mortar businesses.

We handle large-scale copyright transactions for some of the largest e-commerce and content sites and represent copyright owners such as Collective Management Organizations (CMOs) in licensing deals with some of the largest content generators in the world, including Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Netflix, Spotify, and more. We also provide copyright litigation services including enforcing copyrights against infringers and defending clients from allegations of infringement.

We help clients with all of their copyright needs, including:

  • Copyright issues uniquely applicable to the Internet and mobile ecosystems
  • Copyright enforcement and counsel, including the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)
  • Fair use and lawful exploitation of copyrighted material
  • Copyright licensing and assignment
  • Analysis of copyright ownership
  • Registration of copyrighted works
  • Analysis and advice on duration of copyright protection