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Licensing – Life Sciences

The Licensing Group advises a wide range of clients in the academic sector, including Universities' and Hospitals' Technology Transfer Offices "licensing out" academia IP, start ups and more


Economic strength rests on knowledge – the knowledge that makes homegrown technologies and innovations a “blue-chip” investment for businesses around the world. The Licensing Group at Pearl Cohen provides comprehensive legal services for a variety of transactions, delivered by professionals with broad global experience. The Group provides expert representation for all types of licensing agreements including:

  • End user software license agreements for commercial product use
  • Evaluations and beta testing agreements
  • Technology licensing agreements
  • Patent licensing and patent acquisitions
  • Joint development agreements
  • Manufacture and supply agreements
  • Distribution and sales agreements
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances

The Licensing Group also advises a wide range of clients in the academic sector, including Universities’ and Hospitals’ Technology Transfer Offices “licensing out” academia IP and start ups and established companies on the “licensing in” of technologies and patents developed in academia.

Our team includes experts in licensing related to biotechnology, medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Services for this sector include drafting and negotiations