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Clyde Alvin Shuman

  • Partner
  • New York
As a Partner in the US Litigation Practice Group, Clyde represents companies in all phases of intellectual property litigation. Clyde’s more than 20 years’ experience includes representing clients in various U.S. district courts as well as at the International Trade Commission, in a wide array of subject matters, including Medical Devices, Internet Marketing and Telecommunications.


Clyde Shuman is a Partner in the firm’s US Litigation Practice Group.

His work includes representing companies in all phases of litigation—from drafting/answering pleadings, through discovery and motion practice, and eventually at trial and possible appeal. Clyde’s experience, primarily in intellectual property litigation, includes representing clients in various U.S. district courts as well as at the International Trade Commission. His litigation experience encompasses a wide array of subject matters, including (by way of example) Medical Devices, Internet Marketing, Telecommunications, Sub-Surface Mapping and Near Field Communications technology.

Clyde’s more than 20 years of experience as an intellectual property litigator has given him an understanding of the various legal and factual scenarios a client is likely to face in a lawsuit, whether as a plaintiff or a defendant. This allows him to represent clients on either side of a dispute, as necessary, providing an understanding of what to expect and an experience-based perspective of what is realistically possible in a given lawsuit, all in accordance with the particular needs and concerns of the client. Understanding both sides of intellectual property litigation, among all types of intellectual property (including patents, trademarks and copyrights) helps Clyde better advise his clients, and successfully represent those clients’ interests in federal courts.

Before joining Pearl Cohen, Clyde was an Associate at Gibbons, Del Deo, Dolan, Griffinger & Vecchione (now, the Gibbons firm), and before that was an Associate at Cobrin & Gittes. Before pursuing a career as an attorney, Clyde attended medical school in Belgium, and spent time as a research technologist at the University of Chicago.