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Technology Transactions

Our team provides comprehensive legal services for a variety of technology transactions, delivered by professionals with broad global experience.


In today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, clients in the technology space face an unparalleled range of intricate legal challenges.

With a profound understanding of the ever-changing realm of intellectual property and digital advancements, Pearl Cohen IL Technology Transactions Practice Group comprises the expertise needed to guide businesses through these challenges, and the complex web of contractual and commercial legal matters pertaining to technology. This includes:

  • IP Licensing Agreements:
    Well-versed in the issues affecting many various industries, we reassure clients with our meticulously drafted licensing agreements, allowing them to safely commercialize and license their technology. Whether academia, patent, trademark, software, or copyright licenses, we ensure these agreements are aligned with our clients’ objectives, maximizing the value of their IP, while minimizing associated risks. Furthermore, our extensive global reach and a strong network of international associates enable us to protect a client’s IP rights in different jurisdictions.
  • Royalty and Revenue Optimization:
    This careful structuring of licensing agreements optimizes royalty and revenue streams for our clients. Leveraging comprehensive market analysis, industry benchmarks, and a thorough understanding of the competitive landscape, we strive to create licensing terms that are not only fair and competitive but also financially rewarding.
  • Clinical Trials:
    Our team offers seamless and successful international clinical trial work with our exceptional legal counsel and negotiation expertise. From start to finish, we ensure clinical trials are carried out in full compliance with regulations, negotiate favorable contracts for clinical trials, as well as site agreements, investigator contracts, vendor agreements and data sharing arrangements.
  • Joint Development Agreements:
    Our attorneys work closely with clients to gain a deep understanding of their collaborative goals. This allows us to negotiate and create Joint Development Agreements, addressing critical aspects such as project scope, ownership of IP, licensing terms, non-compete clauses, confidentiality provisions, commercialization strategies, termination consequences, and effective dispute resolution mechanisms.
  • SaaS Agreements:
    Our experienced attorneys specialize in drafting and negotiating Software as a Service (SaaS) agreements that precisely align with our clients’ specific needs and objectives. By partnering with our clients, we endeavor to safeguard key elements such as service level commitments, intellectual property rights, data privacy, and security measures.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs):
    Developing clear and enforceable SLAs that define performance metrics, customer support, and issue resolution must be iron-clad and add value. By striking the right balance between service quality and realistic expectations, we promote transparency and accountability in SaaS relationships.
  • Software Development, OEM and Distribution Agreements:
    Software development, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), and distribution agreements are vital steps in the corporate journey of many tech-driven companies. Tapping into our deep understanding of the software development lifecycle, we offer strategic advice on vital components, such as code ownership, licensing terms, warranties, liability, and intellectual property rights.
  • Manufacturing & Supply Agreements:
    Fully understanding our client’s manufacturing requirements is paramount to tailoring such agreements for that business. From company to company, there are huge differences between product specifications, warranties, quality control measures, acceptance tests, IP rights, pricing, second-source options, termination consequences, and delivery terms and so on, each demanding a clear grasp and vision to safeguard our clients’ interests.
  • Technology Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A):
    M&A transactions between technology start-ups and companies call for the deepest dive into a wide range of commercial and legal issues. From the most thorough due diligence to addressing regulatory and compliance issues and negotiating the agreements themselves, our strong track record, profound understanding and widespread industry expertise paves the way for seamless acquisitions, mergers, and joint ventures.

When it comes to technology transactions, having the right legal counsel can make all the difference. At Pearl Cohen, our clients are protecting their unique edge, commercializing their technology, and entering new markets, allowing them to thrive in this fast-moving and competitive digital age.