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Privacy, Cybersecurity and Data Protection

We approach cyber law and cyber security regulations with deep technical and business understanding of cyber-oriented companies.


Pearl Cohen’s data protection and privacy practice comprises of seasoned attorneys who leverage their nuanced understanding of new technologies and their experience in cyber and IT law to offer clients comprehensive legal services for the growing complexities of information and data privacy legislation.

We counsel a diverse array of clients on their data protection and privacy needs and the ins and outs of cyber and data regulations in Israel, the United States, and the European Union:

  • Technology companies, pharmaceutical and medical-device companies, data analytics and other start-ups, from pre-incorporation through exits – whom we guide on local and cross-border privacy and data protection regulation, ranging from ongoing advice, transactional work, and full-scale privacy compliance projects covering the GDPR, the California Privacy Rights Act (formerly CCPA), and the Israeli data security regulations.
  • Multinational corporations with operations in Israel, both technology-driven and brick-and-mortar – whom we advise on the applicability of Israeli data protection and privacy laws to their Israeli operations, on matters such as employee workplace privacy, consumer and customer data protection and cross border transfer of personal data.
  • Large Israeli corporations and institutions, such as financial enterprises, academic institutions and public agencies – whom we frequently counsel on the data protection and privacy aspects of their routine operations and their unique data-driven projects.

Our all-encompassing legal support to clients’ data protection needs includes:

  • Guidance for data handlers on the best practices of collecting, storing and processing personal information in the context of websites, online services and mobile apps.
  • Negotiation of commercial agreements that entail information privacy and data protection issues, including global considerations regarding data processing activities, the use of cloud services, and cross-border flow of information.
  • Cyber incident handling, response, mitigation and follow-up representation in supervisory authority investigations, as well as with ongoing liaison with cyber intelligence and cyber forensic firms, the Israel National Cyber Directorate and the Privacy Protection Authority.
  • Assistance with the formulation of rules, procedures, guidelines and policies for the prudent management of databases and data processing activities.
  • Counselling clients in the routine but error-prone, mandatory process of registering a database at the Israeli Privacy Protection Authority (PPA).
  • Training employees involved in data processing activities on procedures mandated by law, and recommended best practices in the fields of data protection and information privacy.
  • Representation in deliberations on bills in the Israeli Parliament’s committees.
  • Litigation and legal representation in court proceedings involving data protection and privacy matters.