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With over 15 years of experience, Guy Milhalter has vast expertise as a technology transactions attorney, advising clients on complex commercial transactions and negotiating deals for a wide variety of clients.

His work includes advising his clients on all licensing matters, cross-border and corporate finance transactions, expansion into the U.S. market, and drafting and negotiating a wide variety of technology-related agreements, including software as a service (SaaS) agreements, master services agreements, software license agreements, and service level agreements. He has been involved in negotiating complex commercial and licensing agreements with Fortune 500 companies, M&As, HSR filings and obtaining premerger clearances, advising clients on CFIUS declarations, closing strategic deals, working with the firm’s clients’ sales, finance, operations, and development teams, and helping them navigate the legal challenges inherent in the licensing process and streamline their typical sales cycle in order to meet their sales targets.

Guy’s clients range from mid-size companies to Fortune 500 companies. He represents early-stage technology start-ups, mature and publicly-traded companies, and multinationals in their commercial licensing, channeling, distribution, and other types of technology transactions, in a variety of industries and fields, such as data analytics, insurtech, fintech, digital health, healthcare IT, ed tech and ad tech.