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Your Global Partners in the Business of Innovation


We focus on the specific needs of entrepreneurs, start-ups, and dynamic technology initiatives in ever-evolving spaces.


Commercial acumen and a business-oriented approach in the ever-changing ecosystem of innovation are vital to all start-ups, no matter the sector in which they operate. Pearl Cohen possesses and implements service parameters aligned with the above, transforming our firm into a global partner of our clients in innovation.

Pearl Cohen acts for hundreds of technology companies across a highly diverse variety of industries and works with entrepreneurs from the pre-incorporation stages through all stages of their development, financing rounds, commercialization, global expansion, acquisition or IPO, and beyond.

Our clients enjoy Pearl Cohen’s multi-disciplinary approach to start-ups representation involving, mainly, corporate, intellectual property, licensing, employment, tax, securities, regulation, and litigation. This firm culture of cross-practice advice benefits our start-up clients from day one to exit.
With the collaboration between our offices worldwide, our unrivaled IP professionals also provide coverage for our high-tech clients in relation to their IP on a global level and work tirelessly to protect the most valuable assets of innovation-oriented and technology-based companies – their intellectual property – while streamlining the same with the various transactions such companies conduct at all levels of growth.

Our professionals lead hundreds of investment transactions each year, taking a key role in facilitating funding to our start-up clients, as well as representing our investor and corporate clients. Our experts have close familiarity with industry trends in the global tech hubs mainly in Israel and the U.S. and advise clients daily on structuring deals and securing funding. Such advice is coupled with our strong capabilities in international taxation and understanding of private/institutional investor considerations.

From numerous investor’s round tables and industry events focused on creating professional value for our start-up clients, we have cemented our unrivaled reputation in the field and are an extremely prominent and active ecosystem player. Our firm represents dozens of accelerator programs, incubators, and tech-shared office spaces, and provides mentor hours, on-site advice to founders and value-added support.