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With over thirty years of experience in government and public positions, as well as private sector management roles, Zvi is a key figure on the Israeli public scene with extensive knowledge and experience in leading strategic processes and advancing corporate collaborations between Israel and Japan.

His work includes representation of Japanese companies in their Israeli operations. In this context, he is one of the founders and initiators of JIIP (Japan-Israel Innovation Platform), which reinforces corporate cooperation between Israel and Japan, with members who are prominent corporations in both countries.

Zvi was involved in various initiatives aiming to strengthen ties between Israel and Japan, and he headed the Israel-Japan Parliamentary Friendship Group during his term as a Knesset member. For this work, he received the Japanese Foreign Minister’s decoration this past year “for outstanding achievements for the promotion of friendship between the countries.” As part of his extensive work on collaboration initiatives between the countries, Hauser is currently a guest professor at Shizenkan University in Tokyo. Moreover, during his term in the Knesset, Zvi was the chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee and deputy speaker of the Knesset. He was also a member of significant Knesset committees, including the Economic Affairs Committee and the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee. In addition, he was a member of the Judges Selection Committee and the Knesset representative on the committee that proposes the candidates for the post of Attorney General. Between 2009-2013, he served as cabinet secretary, secretary of the Ministers Committee on Security Affairs, and substitute director general of the Prime Minister’s Office.

In Israel’s communications sector, Zvi was involved in a range of positions, including as chairman of the Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Council, chairman of the Administration for Regulating Broadcasts for the Public, and coordinator of the Inter-Ministerial Committee for Enhancing Competition in the Telecommunications Market.
Zvi represents leading Japanese corporations for their Israeli operations, as well as strategic Japanese investors and VC investors looking for opportunities in the Israeli hi-tech and biotech sectors.