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Technology Licensing

Our Team provides comprehensive legal services for a variety of transactions, delivered by professionals with broad global experience.


Both technology licensing agreements and joint ventures offer clear advantages to businesses looking to enter foreign markets. While a domestic JV partner can help a business navigate the regulatory, commercial and cultural complexities, licensing agreements can also be an attractive method of exporting technology. Clients profit from seeking the best legal advice to determine the most advantageous route.

Pearl Cohen’s lawyers bring many decades’ cutting-edge experience in negotiating, structuring and closing complex transactions relating to technology and IP, including technology licensing agreements, joint development agreements, joint ventures and strategic alliances.
Our Licensing Group also advises a wide range of clients in the academic sector, including Universities’ and Hospitals’ Technology Transfer Offices “licensing out” academia IP and start-ups and established companies on the “licensing in” of technologies and patents developed in academia.

Our licensing experts work closely with our patent and trademark litigators, hugely experienced in representing life science clients in adversarial proceedings before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, as well as representing clients in hostile licensing negotiations, arbitrations, and mediation proceedings.