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Trademark Litigation: MillerCoors Avoids Preliminary Injunction on Packaging

Publications / Jun 20, 2019

Article by Clyde Shuman

MillerCoors Avoids Preliminary Injunction on Packaging

A federal judge in California has denied a motion for preliminary injunction by craft brewer Stone Brewing Co., that would have required brewing giant MillerCoors LLC to immediately pull packaging for its “Keystone Light” brand of beer that emphasizes the word “Stone.” In Stone Brewing Co. LLC v. Molson Coors Brewing Co. et al., case number 3:18-cv-00331 (S.D. Cal.), the court found that, although plaintiff Stone Brewing had a “moderately strong” possibility of eventually prevailing in its trademark lawsuit, MillerCoors’ new packaging for its “Keystone” brand was not causing the irreparable harm necessary for the drastic remedy of a preliminary injunction.

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