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Family Wealth Management

The wealth management team at Pearl Cohen comprises expert attorneys who are dedicated to helping clients achieve their current and future financial goals, both for themselves and their families.


Our firm consists of a diverse group of attorneys with experience in various areas of law and tax. The combined expertise and collaborative efforts of our team members provide our clients with the legal services they seek, whether in times of stability or during more challenging periods.

Wealthy individuals and their families encounter constant challenges, particularly during economic fluctuations, when it comes to ensuring asset growth, effective management, and long-term protection for future generations.

In order to achieve this, the strategy must take into account several variables, with the main focus being optimal transfer of the assets to the next generation. Considerations include the tax ramifications and the future generation’s desire and ability to manage businesses developed and operated by the bequeathing generation.

Our services includemanagement of income-producing real estate, estates, complex trusts, Israeli and international taxation, and more. Notably, our team specializes in handling inter-generational transfers of complex family assets, such as hotel chains and real estate assets. Additionally, our attorneys serve as trustees in trusts for wealthy families, serving as directors representing those families, and managing their income-producing real estate.

Whether planning strategies , or consulting and paving the right path toward successful acquisitions, real estate, inheritance, trust management, and philanthropic activity – the family wealth management team will advise, guide, and assist in selecting the most appropriate strategy to optimally manage family wealth.

Another significant area of expertise handled by the family wealth management team at our firm is the establishment and management of estates. Our team members are experienced in identifying the interests most important to the owners of the family wealth and in planning original methods to protect them. Whether this means preparing wills and accompanying agreements, developing and implementing a system for dividing the estate assets with maximum consideration of the client’s needs, representing beneficiaries in disputes related to estates, the transfer of assets all over the world, and establishing and managing trusts in Israel and worldwide – our firm’s family wealth management team has the knowledge and experience needed.

Additional services provided by our firm for our clients in the realm of wealth management include correct planning of the family holding structure, planning and performance of equity transfers, consultation and executing operations by virtue of the Legal Competence and Guardianship Law, drafting prenuptial, postnuptial, and financial separation agreements between spouses, court representation in family disputes, discrete mediation, and more.

At Pearl Cohen, our family wealth management team leverages our experience, knowledge, creativity, and dedicated service to ensure a comprehensive and optimized family wealth management legal  process for our clients, covering all aspects from A to Z and inclusive  of intergenerational transfers.