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With over 20 years of experience, Doron Mutai has vast expertise in both Israeli and international transactions, advising clients throughout the complete tax life cycle, as well as granting tax opinions, and more.

His work includes Israeli income tax and international taxation, working with tax systems of various jurisdictions, advising individuals on issues associated with executive benefits, assistance to tax compliance, inter-family transfer of funds and assets, relocation outside of Israel, and tax benefits to Israeli returning residents.

He has been involved in counseling non-Israeli companies on the tax aspects of their activities in Israel, as well as Israeli companies that operate outside of Israel; planning through implementation to applying to the tax authorities for ruling; counseling clients on restructuring and M&A transactions, and more.

Doron also serves as a chairman of an audit committee of a non-profit organization.

Doron’s clients range from start-up companies to large-scale multinationals. He represents companies from various industries, such as hi-tech, real estate, gas & oil, telecommunications, finance, blockchain, and more.