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Employee Benefits and Compensation Plans

Our lawyers know how to provide professional advice and guidance regarding employee benefits and retirement and severance plans in a way that benefits the employee and employer.


The world of work is in the midst of far-reaching changes. If in the distant past the most significant benefits that a workplace could provide were stability and work tenure, and until recently the name of the game in the labor market was the level of employee wages – in recent years, especially after the Corona crisis that fundamentally changed the world of work, most employers put their trust in the field of employee benefits and severance plans.

Whether it is the construction, implementation or drafting of agreements and plans for the distribution of stock options to employees, including restricted shares (RSU), profit conditional shares (PSU) and phantom shares; establishment, implementation and management of multinational benefit programs, or steering and implementing any other benefit plan that includes monetary compensation, employee compensation agreements, generous social conditions or market-breaking conditions – we at Pearl Cohen know how to provide professional advice and guidance on employee benefits and retirement and compensation plans, in a way that benefits not only the employee but also the employer.

Through an attorney from the field of labor law with extensive experience, a practical and sober corporate vision and great legal expertise, our firm provides its clients in the field of employee benefits and compensation plans with everything they need: from proper examinations in the employment aspects of mergers and acquisitions, through the determination of company policy so that they are in line with the evolving law of the field of labor relations in Israel and aspects of taxation, to representation in all types of litigation, including arbitration, mediation and the Labor Court.

Attorneys from Pearl Cohen’s Labor and Employment Practice Group are skilled in providing quality and practical legal services to a wide range of companies, including high-tech and start-up companies, large international corporations, leading financial institutions, tourism companies and traditional industries.