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Immigration and Relocation

The attorneys at Pearl Cohen specializing in the areas of immigration and relocation have the legal and practical skills and knowledge to assist in the most effective and best way to achieve the client's goal.


In the era of globalization in which we live, the need for services in the areas of immigration and relocation is necessary for an increasing number of companies and organizations. We at Pearl Cohen provide our corporate and private clients with everything they need to succeed safely and as quickly as possible in all processes related to immigration and relocation.

Whether it is legal advice for obtaining visas for entry, work and residence in the US, Canada, Australia, EU countries, or any other country; Representing the firm’s clients before immigration and customs authorities, embassies, and consulates in all matters, including refusal of entry due to a criminal conviction or immigration offense; or drafting employment agreements that comply with the legal requirements in relation to the areas of immigration and relocation – our attorneys have the legal and practical knowledge, experience and skills to help achieve best the client’s goal effectively.

Thanks to an in-depth knowledge of immigration and residence laws in many places around the world and in Israel, and in view of the ongoing familiarity with the updated enforcement policies of immigration bodies around the world, Pearl Cohen’s attorneys specializing in immigration and relocation to Israeli, assist Israeli, foreign and international companies, as well as senior executives, officials and expert employees and any other employee, choose the most appropriate visa route for them, and accompany them throughout the process.

Our service includes, inter alia, assistance to individuals and companies in obtaining visas for skilled workers defined as holding Special Occupation, residence visas for individuals and companies interested in acting as investors or traders in Israel or around the world, temporary work visas, immigration visas for family members, and more.