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Employment Law

Pearl Cohen's Labor and Employment Practice Group provides personal and professional legal accompaniment, enabling local and global companies to move forward.


Challenging market conditions, a difficult struggle for skilled workers with demands and aspirations, and ambitious strategic management goals – these are just some of the significant challenges facing large and small organizations today…and all this before we even put into the already crowded equation the major impact of the Corona virus on the world of employment. Meeting these challenges requires excellent, thorough, experienced and skilled attorneys, who provide immediate and practical legal and regulatory advice that helps the organization move forward.

Pearl Cohen’s Labor Law Group accompanies local and global companies, from start-ups to multinational companies, which rely on our comprehensive, practical and effective day-to-day consulting. With an extensive and diverse clientele, our attorneys represent many well-known companies from various industries, including high-tech, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, medical devices, banking, automotive and hospitality.
We gain our clients appreciation thanks to our close accompaniment, which includes advice on the occupational aspects of mergers and acquisitions, due diligence (DD) that preceded them, employee transfer and the rights they deserve, and more. Our skilled staff quickly and efficiently resolves employment disputes through litigation, arbitration, mediation, or mediation.
Throughout the process, the lawyers in the Labor Law Group maintain direct contact with all law firm groups, enabling their clients to enjoy quality law firm services in all areas (One Stop Shop), including commercial and corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, taxation, capital market and securities, and more.

Our labor law team provides the following counselling:

  • Determining company policy regarding employees, consultants or independent contractors.
  • Daily questions about labor relations (e.g., sexual harassment, pregnant women’s rights, overtime, vacation, sick leave, etc.).
  • Orders against dismissal of employees, trade secrets, potential criminal proceedings and more.
  • Resolving complex employment disputes, benefits and IP disputes before all relevant Labor Courts, and in the context of arbitration and mediation.
  • Negotiate collective labor agreements, usually with the largest labor unions in the economy.
  • Advice and support in the field of labor law in acquisitions of companies.
  • Handling the issuance of work visas, including drafting applications, special contracts and contacts with the relevant government authorities.
  • Issuance of all types of permits and government permits (e.g., Saturday jobs, night jobs and certain breaks).
  • Establishment, implementation and management of multinational benefit plans, such as stock option plans, share purchase plans, phantom benefit plans and more.
  • All types of litigation in labor law, injunctions, appeals, mediations and arbitrations.

The continued success of each company rests on the strong relationship between management and staff, and the Labor Law Group supports the construction of these bridges to create successful business activity.