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Employment and Employee Benefits

Pearl Cohen’s Employment group is widely respected by domestic and global high-tech companies, from start-ups to multinationals


Challenging market conditions, employees’ demands, and the aspirations of management are among the challenges facing organizations today. Meeting these challenges head on requires excellent, thorough and skilled practitioners providing immediate and commercial advice that drives the business forwards.

Pearl Cohen’s Employment group is widely respected by domestic and global companies, from start-ups to multinationals, trusting our comprehensive, practical and effective day-to-day advice that achieves their goals. In an extensive and wide-ranging client roster, we act for many household names in a wide variety of industries, including hi-tech, pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical device, banking, automotive, hotel and many others.

We command the respect of these clients and others for our cradle-to-grave employment offering, including advising on the employment aspects of mergers and acquisitions, the due diligence that precedes them, and the potential transition of employees and their benefits that follows them. Our successful contentious practice allows us to swiftly and effectively resolve employment disputes through litigation, arbitration or mediation, while saving clients from expensive litigation.

As part of this full service, we also advise on:
• the establishment of company policies regarding employees, consultants, or independent contractors
• day-to-day questions regarding work relationships (e.g., sexual harassment, pregnant women’s rights, overtime, vacation, sick leave and more)
• warrants against employee dismissals, trade secrets, potential criminal proceedings and more
• on the resolution of complex employment, benefits and IP disputes before all labor and relevant tribunals
• the negotiation of collective labor agreements, often with the largest labor unions
• obtaining work visas, including drafting applications, special contracts and communicating with the appropriate governmental authorities
• obtaining all types of governmental permits (e.g. Saturday work, night work and certain terminations)
• establishing, implementing and administrating multinational corporate benefit plans, such as stock option plans, stock purchase plans, phantom benefit plans, and more

The continued success of any company relies on strong relationships between its management and staff and Pearl Cohen is ideally placed to build the strongest bridges between them.