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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our Alternative Dispute Resolution team helps clients efficiently resolve commercial disputes through mediation or arbitration.


Courts in Israel are notoriously overburdened with cases, and litigation costs keep soaring. In this environment, confidential, quick, and cost-effective alternative dispute resolution is key for business success. This is particularly true for startups where founders’ disputes are prevalent, often scaring away investors and leading to value destruction. Our bilingual ADR team helps clients efficiently resolve business disputes, before or after litigation has erupted, through voluntary mediation or arbitration.

With deep understanding of law and business, academic degrees in relevant fields like accounting and psychology, and extensive hands-on experience in litigation and dealmaking, our professionals are uniquely positioned to seek common ground, bridge differences, and mediate creative solutions meeting the interests and wants of all parties to the dispute. If a more decisive approach is required, we may serve as arbitrators.  

In addition to mediating or arbitrating disputes, our ADR team members are experienced in representing a variety of clients in mediation and arbitration proceedings.