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OpenAI Launches Safety-Featured DALL·E 3 in ChatGPT

Client Updates / Oct 30, 2023

Written by Haim Ravia and Dotan Hammer

OpenAI announced the launch of DALL·E 3 Generative-AI based image creator, able to “create unique images from a simple conversation”. Currently, the feature is available only to ‘Plus’ and ‘Enterprise’ users, and not in the free version of ChatGPT.

According to OpenAI, DALL·E 3 “is particularly good in responding to extensive, detailed prompts”, creating images that are “more visually striking” and “also crisper in detail”.

Interestingly, OpenAI reports using a safety system to restrict the creation of harmful content, including violent, adult, or hateful images. According to OpenAI user feedback helped to “identify edge cases for graphic content generation, such as sexual imagery, and stress test the model’s ability to generate convincingly misleading images”.

Moreover, OpenAI states that it took measures to reduce the likelihood of generating images in the style of living artists and images of public figures. OpenAI also worked to “improve demographic representation across generated images”.

When asked to generate an image with the logos of known Internet platforms, for example, DALL·E 3 responds, “I’m sorry, but I cannot create direct combinations of copyrighted logos… However, I can create an original design inspired by the concepts of social media…” DALL·E 3 also refuses to create artwork inspired by the style of known artists, such as Roy Fox Lichtenstein.

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*Image generated by DALL·E 3