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Clients Dedicated to Finding and Developing Solutions for the COVID-19 Crisis

Client Updates / Apr 05, 2020

We are very proud to acknowledge our clients who are currently finding and developing solutions to the COVID-19 crisis. Spanning a variety of fields and industries, these companies are doing their part to give back and help create innovative solutions for some of the challenges surfacing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read all about what some of our clients are doing for COVID-19.

Our client, Septier Communication, represented by Yael Baratz, has developed two key solutions for authorities who are scrambling to cope with the Corona Virus epidemic. Both can be provided quickly and are easily deployed. The first solution, Quarantine Tracker Mobile Application (CoronAlert), allows users to get updated information regarding restrictions, directives etc. It also locates, on an easy to read map, any quarantine hotspots in the user’s immediate area. The second, Septier Quarantine Messenger, allows health authorities to quickly and effectively communicate with the majority of individuals in a certain area.

Enlivex Ltd., represented by Mark Cohen, are focusing their efforts on developing therapeutics to rebalance the immune system which may be relevant following infection with the COVID-19 virus.

Liposphere Ltd., represented by Yael Baratz, is developing an inhalative formulation – AqueousAir – based on the Company’s platform technology. They have envisaged that after inhalation of their formulation, the lung epithelia will be better protected against the Covid-19 adhesion and proliferation. Their treatment should have a broad effect by means of the physical mechanism of action based on our proprietary formulation.

NanoScent, represented by Yael Baratz, are using their scent measuring technology to detect for COVID-19. Watch here:

A voice analyses start-up, Vocalis Health, has started testing their tool for creating a vocal fingerprint of COVID-19 patients in order to identify the virus symptoms at an early stage. The testing is taking place throughout the country at multiple hospitals, with results expected in four-six weeks, according to the company’s statement. Vocalis Health is represented by Guy Bachmann, Oded Kadosh, Ilana Soloducho-Kashmir, and Idan Frydman. Read more:,7340,L-3803369,00.html

Inspira, represented by Anna Moshe, has developed a cutting edge method for artificial respiration. Their product treats lung failure by implanting a special catheter in the central vein under local anesthesia. The medical device has undergone the preclinical trial phase and aims to avoids respiratory-related complications caused by COVIS-19. Read more:

Neshima, represented by Guy Lachmann, has an innovative technology for transporting medication to the lungs. This technology is very suitable for the treatment of severe respiratory failure, which is the main cause of mortality in Corona patients.

Our client, CYou, represented by Guy Lachmann and Idan Frydman has adapted their technologies to help retailers ensure 2-Meter distancing in stores. This company develops technology that integrates with existing in-store cameras to track customers’ shopping experience and offers artificial intelligence-based insights based on that data. Read more:,7340,L-3805594,00.html (Hebrew):,7340,L-3805551,00.html

Track Virus is a global digital solution developed to track and slow the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19. The platform’s mobile app and web services are designed to address the needs of individuals, organizations, and health authorities worldwide. The Track Virus mobile app provides personalized notifications based on the individual’s risk of exposure based on all currently available epidemiological data along with the user’s wellness data. The platform’s web services help organizations and health authorities detect, analyze and monitor areas of high risk. Data collection and processing are conducted with the utmost respect for the user’s privacy. The platform was initially launched in Israel in partnership with United Hatzalah, an emergency medical service organization and is being offered to organizations and health authorities worldwide. Track Virus is represented by Atir Jaffe and Yael Shimon Many.

In pandemic times remote patient monitoring devices are a key technology, yet it is a challenge to create it for medical device manufacturers.  bio-T™ is a remote-care engine designed especially for medical IoT device manufacturers. The bio-T engine implements all the medical IoT components needed for enabling remote care and provides solutions for every step of the way – from device connectivity, cybersecurity and data privacy, to patient interaction, data and behavior analysis. Bio-T is represented by Atir Jaffe, Keren Shmueli and Yuval Mor.

MyndYou’s is an AI-based solution currently being used for unique passive voice analytics and for remote engagement to enable care providers to effectively screen for COVID-19 in their communities, combat the effects of social isolation in older adults, and ensure targeted care for individuals who need it most. Essentially, their leading technology aims to support continued engagement and connectedness with vulnerable populations to promote the health of older adults and high-risk individuals. MyndYou is represented by Yoav Alkalay and Guy Lachmann. See more:

Estar Medical, represented by Zeev Pearl and Yossi Markovich, is operating in the Autologous Cellular Therapy field to develop an innovative medical device, based on a modification of its current platform technology of enriching growth factors and cytokines from the patient’s own blood for the purpose of significantly reducing and attenuating inflammatory response in a fast and efficient manner, which in the short term, highly improves the patient’s ability to heal from fight covid-19 symptoms, whereas in the long term, it efficiently builds cells and capillary blood vessels in the damaged lung tissue and therefore  enables to fight lung complications and enhance self-respiratory oxygen performance.

Tex Tech Incorporated, represented by Brendan Mee, are churning out materials for facemasks. Tex Tech Industries manufacture a wide range of high-performance, highly engineered textile materials for use in various applications, from personal and product protection to industrial.

 OME™ Wellness, represented by Anna Moshe, is the first of its kind to use artificial intelligence, focusing on providing users with the most validated and personalized healthcare information delivered to any device. This app is being adapted for the COVID-19 crisis by using its machine-based deep learning and data science to give tailored and actionable recommendations for individual’s physical well-being.