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Venture Lending What You Need to Know

Tax / Aug 29, 2022

The recent frightening developments in the economy, which may be found to be exaggerated, concern many in the high-tech industry. Companies are required to cut costs, investors are sitting on the fence and waiting for the crisis to demolish their investments, creditors are starting to sharpen their sword, vendors are getting edgy on the credits they provided to their clients, and lawyers are searching their ways back from the exit dream to the neon light – all-nighters office job, banks raising their interests rates, inflation is picking up, and the cost of living soars. Well, it is always a good idea to refer to cost of living, whether in economy spikes or economy downturns.

Recently, as investors fear for their investments and companies seek funds to continue to grow (or at least to keep them above water), we are facing a spike in the alternative financing vehicles – the debt financing.

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