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Public Procurement


Public contracts make up a significant share of the Israeli economy, allowing a wide range of government and public entities to obtain best value-for-money goods or services following competitive tenders with private businesses.

From major infrastructure projects to common and standardized products or innovative services — the range of sectors benefiting from public spending is broad and diverse.

Pearl Cohen’s skillful lawyers have extensive knowledge of Israeli tenders and public procurement regulation and familiarity with the characteristics of the Israeli market, help both public entities and private business optimize the Tender process.

At Pearl Cohen we advise our clients skillfully navigate complex tendering procedures, solving any risks that may occur, and making use of legal remedies available to secure and defend the award of the Tender.

We bring Pearl Cohens’ legal experience with a practical approach and deep knowledge of industries in which our clients operate, such as medical, transportation, construction, energy, cloud, or defense.

We also advise public clients, achieve their goals through public tenders. Our Public Procurement lawyers are engaged from the outset, when setting Pre Qualification and Tender objectives, choosing the best legal form of engagement and conducting the tender until the contract is awarded. At Pearl Cohen we have deep understanding of public entities management of public funds, which mixed with our business experience, allows us to take a creative approach to optimize value for money.

In Israel tender litigation is very common and Pearl Cohen’s extensive experience defending the award of the successful bidder, filing petitions to disqualify other bidders, as well experience acting for public entities secure the award of the bid to the desired bidder, is absolutely necessary for bidders or public authorities which desiring to secure the award of the project.