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Pearl Cohen Continues To Expand

Publications / Feb 13, 2018

Pearl Cohen continues to expand by welcoming Advocates from D. Mirkin & Co and Adv. Michel Ohayon.

Joining from D. Mirkin are six attorneys, including Galit Bonet who specializes in commercial law, including commercial litigation, complex commercial negotiations, tender law and health law, hospitality (tourism and hotels), and assisted living for the third age population. Also joining is Yohai Hurvitz who has extensive experience in the field of commercial law in Israel as well as in the international sector. He is involved in the field of sports law and has represented art and culture bodies and has vast experience in legal counsel and consulting for large companies.

Pearl Cohen also welcomes Michel Ohayon, who has for the past 30 years been involved in corporate and securities litigation, with an emphasis on mergers and acquisitions, private and public offerings, corporate restructuring and integrative consulting for companies and other corporations.

Zeev Perl, the firm’s managing partner, noted: “Along with our organic growth and advancement of the young generation in the firm, we welcome to the firm D. Mirkin & Co. and Michel Ohayon. The addition of lawyers with a wealth of professionalism and expertise is another step in deepening the firm’s expertise in litigation and commercial transactions”.