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Israel DPO Forum

Privacy / Aug 16, 2022

We are excited to announce the first Israeli DPO Forum!

The Israeli DPO Forum is intended to be a professional framework for learning and professional development through activities and lectures, a place for common questions, discussions, and the exchange of opinions.

At the first gathering of the forum, We hosted Keith Enright, Google’s Global Chief Privacy Officer, for a live, eye-opening, Q&A session. Amongst his insights for the coming year: companies are under pressure to cut expenses and may reduce their investment in privacy. It remains to be seen if regulators will target companies purposefully at this time, or rather exhibit an understanding of the current challenges and downscale enforcement.

The Forum is an initiative of Haim Ravia, Chair of our Cyber & Privacy, alongside attorney Dr. Avishay Klein (Amdocs’ DPO) and attorney Rona Carp (Fiverr’s DPO). It was created for Israeli DPOs from all sectors and industries – ranging from novel hi-tech companies to banks, academic institutions to government authorities.

If you would like to join the forum and you are either a DPO or otherwise engaged in the day-to-day operations of privacy matters in your organization, please click here



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