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Welcoming our New 2020 Partners!

General / Jan 07, 2020

We are proud to welcome and congratulate our new partners and senior patent attorneys for 2020! The promotion of these leading professionals reflects Pearl Cohen’s ongoing commitment to growing and developing our global team who have achieved the highest levels of accomplishments and who are devoted to promoting and protecting the interests of our clients and the fundamental values of our firm.

Congratulations to:

Nuria Gefen, Senior Patent Attorney in the Patents Group (Tel Aviv).

Abishag Levy, Partner in the Trademark and Design Group (Tel Aviv).

Dr Hao (Heidi) Li, Ph.D. Partner in the Life Sciences Group (Boston).

Inbal Navot-Eisenthal, Partner in the IP Litigation Group (Tel Aviv).

Michal Rom, Partner in the Corporate and Licensing Group (Tel Aviv).

Tal Ron, Partner in the Corporate Litigation Group (Tel Aviv).

Dr. Cheryl (Yaffa) Schindler, Ph.D., Senior Patent Attorney in the Life Sciences Group (Tel Aviv).

Ilana Soloducho Kashmir, Partner in the Hi-Tech Group (Tel Aviv).

Amit Zomer, Partner in the International Tax Group (Tel Aviv).