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Pearl Cohen Hosts Women Founders Forum

Events / Jul 09, 2018

Pearl Cohen is proud to have hosted the Women Founders Forum (WFF) for a unique gathering of talented female entrepreneurs on “Building Tech Market Leaders”. Yael Shimon-Many, a Partner at Pearl Cohen’s Hi-Tech Group greeted the audience saying how exciting it is to see so many female entrepreneurs peruse their dreams and build a successful technology startup.

The event was led by the WFF founders: Irit Kahan, Managing Director at Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners, Merav Weinryb, Managing Director at Qualcom and Sivan Shamri Dahan, Partner at Qumra Capital.

At the event, spoke Oren Zeev, founder of Zeev Ventures, who said “we already have proof that you can build a successful company from Israel – like WIX. You don’t always have to be close to the market in order to succeed, although it can help. The advantage of operating from Israel is the close access to all the great talent we have here”.